In my opinion, bankruptcy will come to more people than positive COVID-19 tests results. There are many Rockford area businesses we love that may not make it.

We have all felt the need to support our favorite stores, restaurants, bars and other locally-owned businesses. And while many can continue to spend money with these businesses online or curbside, there are even more who can't. Lost jobs, layoffs and lost wages are keeping many of us from being able to continue supporting our favorites.

Never feel like you can't help make a difference when you don't have the money. There are many ways to continue supporting the businesses, and the people, that make that place your favorite.

Via their Instagram account, Winnebago County Buy Local recently shared 6 Ways To Support Small Businesses from @SustainableFashionForum

  • Write a positive review
  • Tell your friends and family
  • Follow them on social media
  • Engage with their posts
  • Give them a shoutout
  • Sign up for their newsletter


The total cost of all six of these is $0.00

I'd just like to add how much we all need to change the way we share our experiences. It often appears that when someone has a GOOD experience with a business they tell 10 people, when the experience is BAD, they tell 100 people. I think we need  to flip that around.

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