Silly Steps, the Ball Crawl, Big Bounce, Happy Hills, Maze Daze and Power Play are not bouncy attractions you will find in your back yard or in the neighborhood playground, but your kids are gonna go nuts when they arrive in Rockford, for one day only.

The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is the first event of its kind to come to Rockford and the Stateline and will bouncing into town on July 30th at Mercy Sportscore2 in Loves Park.

Check out the fun, your kids (and you) can expect, starting with a preview of the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run.

Check out the obstacles your kids will enjoy

The fun run also includes Krazy Town, which features a ton of fun kid friendly activities, inflatable town landmarks, food, and much more! When the kids are taking a breather the entire family can enjoy Krazy Town.


Check out these photos in this video of a krazy kids event that took place in Orlando, FL.



Now, if your kids are thinking about training for the Krazy kids Inflatable Fun Run, this video will provide some ideas. ( is not to hard)

This event will definitely be the highlight of the summer for your kids.  Get all the details below. Don't miss out on tons of bouncy happy fun is summer.