Are you going to the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run July 30th at Sportscore 2 in Loves Park? If so, you should invest in an All Access pass. 

Here are 5 reasons why you need that All Access pass:

1. The kids can run in any wave, or session that they want to. You can sleep in and go later in the day, and jump right in line.

2. Buying the All Access pass means you child can run the course multiple times. If  they want to run it 5 times, they can run it 5 times and it is all the same price.

3. You will receive $15 off merchandise that is available at the Fun Run. Whether your kids want a shirt or other swag, it will be cheaper that day. You can spend the money on water for the kids.

4. The All Access pass guarantees that you can run with all of your friends. Many times, children are not able to run with their friends because the time they want is sold out. If you get the pass, the kids will be guaranteed to run with each other.

5. Having an All Access pass will let the kids run more, meaning they are getting more exercise. More exercise means a healthy child.

Hope to see you out and about July 30th. To buy an All Access pass and to find out more about the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run, click here.