The 89th Academy Awards an embarrassing moment last night, much like Steve Harvey's 'Miss Universe' snafu. They shouldn't feel too bad though, Rockford has made a few mistakes, too.

A group of people anonymously shared their opinions as to what flubs Rockford has made recently. Remember, these come from Rockford tax paying citizens.

  • 1

    Auburn/Main Street Roundabout

    The almost $10 million roundabout. People still have problems navigating through it. There were almost more accidents last year than the year before construction began, according to Fox 39.

  • 2

    Celebrating An Unfinished Project

    Not too long ago there was a big celebration about Rockford's clock, at the Clock Tower, being fixed and finally working.

    Guess what? It's not working.

  • 4

    Removed Street Lights

    City of Rockford money needed to be saved, so the powers that be removed street lights. I'm sure the rise in crime is completely unrelated, right? Either way, it wasn't a bright idea.

  • 4

    The Unused Bus Station

    Have you been by the Lyford Rd. bus station? I have, but only because I was leaving Crackle Barrel.

    Another multi-million dollar project that is, seemingly, rarely used. It's filled with more kids skate boarding than bus riders.

  • 5

    The 'Bridge To Nowhere'

    Yes, it does look nice - without question. However, it cost Rockford tax payers almost $4 million.

    Have you ever seen tourists or group of residents enjoying the bridge at one time? If you have visible proof that it is regularly used I will remove it from this list.


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