Mother's Day is this Sunday, and if you're still stumped on what to get Mom for her special day, take this advice from Moms themselves about what they really want for Mother's Day.

I consider myself a lucky girl, because my husband usually knocks it out of the park on Mother's Day. Typically he takes me to my favorite nursery and lets me go crazy picking out all kinds of flowers and hanging baskets for our yard, and then he surprises me with a very sentimental gift from our daughter, Ella that I can cherish for years to come.

Now, I'm not saying every mother will agree with my next statement, but I'm betting the majority will. Moms aren't impressed by the amount of money you spend on Mother's Day. What they really want is to spend time with their children and to be given a gift that acknowledges what really makes them smile.

Need more help or proof of what I'm talking about? Ask every Mom in your life to take this survey about what Moms really want for Mother's Day, and we'll post the results soon!