I don't want to sound like Oprah or anything, but I love bread; I eat bread everyday. Ciabatta bread, french bread, bread sticks, bread rolls; you name it, I'll eat it.

Bread is one of the reasons you love going to the Olive Garden for their bottomless bread basket or to Red Lobster for those cheddar bay biscuits; and let's not forget Cracker Barrel biscuits and corn muffins. Starving yet?

All of those are amazing. Think off all the time you've sat impatiently at your booth or high top, eyeing your server like a hawk to be sure that your basket of free bread comes out within seconds of ordering your main course. Now think of all the times you've eaten that entire basket before your meal even hits the table and shamelessly asked for more; it's probably more than you can count.

Hey, it's not your fault that it's so good...and free...and if it's from one of these five restaurants, I can't blame you.

After weeks of research and a few pounds later, I've found the five restaurants in Rockford with the best free bread. Disclosure: The bread in the photos is not the actual bread from the restaurant; I wanted to take a photo but I ate it all.

Is there another restaurant that has amazing free bread that we need to know about? If so, tell us.



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