Chris Janson isn't afraid to poke fun at himself—and his recent Twitter post of throwback pics proves it again. In these photos, Janson appears to be at a party with Keith Urban and George Strait, among others. But these photos leave a lot to the imagination, so Taste of Country decided to air out five questions we have about Janson's throwback photos.

No. 1: Did Chris Janson sneak into this party? 

Even at 31 years old —and if you shave his beard and trim his bangs – Janson still has a bit of a baby face. So it's hard to tell why or if he was hanging out with a crew that looks much older than him in these photos. Taking that into consideration, was Janson even invited to this party? Did he dress up as a waiter to get access?

While everyone else seems to know each other, Janson looks as if he slipped through the kitchen and is doing his best to "blend in." Though, it may have been hard for him to remain in the background in the light of our next question.

No. 2: Why is Chris Janson's nipple exposed?

Janson and Urban's buttoned-up shirts are hanging well below the acceptable V-neck line. This leads to a flurry of questions: Was it hot in there? Were they comparing chest hair? Did they lose a bet, take their shirts off, swim in the river and only button halfway back up to be rebellious? (The third one may be a stretch).

But out of all these questions, none is more startling than, why is Janson's nipple exposed? Urban, though holding a bottle of vodka (or, perhaps, expensively packaged water) still shows class with his undone shirt, leaving a little to the imagination. But Janson decided to go full exposure. If this was unintentional by Janson, maybe one could blame the quality of his shirt? Perhaps Urban's is a little more pricey, or he used more starch?

No 3: What is Chris Janson solemnly staring at?

While everyone else in the photo seems to be laughing, singing and having a general good time, Janson seems to be in his own world, staring at nothing. Not only that, but his facial expression looks like he just found out his dog ran away from home. What went down, Chris?

No. 4: What happened between picture 1 and picture 2?

So in the first photo, while Janson stands nipple-exposed next to Keith Urban, he seems shy, staring into the abyss, contemplating his next move. However, by the second photo, he's belting out a song next to George Strait—and Strait seems to be loving it. From dud to stud in one photo?

No. 5: What are they singing?
This photo appears to be taken long before Janson's breakout hit "Buy Me A Boat," so we can rule that out. But upon further analysis, Strait is laughing and the woman next to him seems to be listening to Janson intently. Was Janson covering a Strait tune?

His face seems a little too emotional for "Check Yes or No" – perhaps "I Cross My Heart" or "Amarillo By Morning?" Was Strait singing one of those songs, and Janson decided to butt in with a random jam like "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Thriller?"

Janson's operatic power stance also lends the possibility he busted out some Pavarotti, but we're not sure if he knows Italian.

And hey, where did Keith Urban go?

It's all a mystery!

Wait! Hold on Chris Janson We Have One Last Question!

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