There is an unwritten rule when dealing with parking in Chicago during the winter. If you shovel out a spot it is yours. You can obviously tell when a spot has been shoveled. So if you didn't take a shovel to it don't park there. This is why...

Some may look at this and think it's petty. When I watch this I see justice. Shoveling snow is tiresome and time-consuming. If someone takes the spot you just cleared out you are well within your right to shovel them in.

It's like parking on the side of the road and a plow comes by. Whatever happens is on you. Had she taken the shovel to the car in question this would be an entirely different conversation, but she didn't. Honestly, the video isn't that long, but I hope she buried them in deeper. If you didn't know this was a thing, you do now. Beware from here on out.





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