Even spring and summer lovers will tell you that deep down, nothing beats a fall trip to an apple orchard. We're blessed to have several so close.

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My wife and I were just discussing our schedules for the next few days and every time we had to add something, we kept repeating that the weekend must include our first orchard trip of the season.

The first trip is always the quick one, just to pick up a gallon, a bag and a dozen.

A Gallon, A Bag and A Dozen

The three things needed to kick off the fall season:

  • A gallon of apple cider
  • A bag of apples


  • A dozen apple cider donuts

Dips, sauces, dressings, soups, fudge, pies and stuff like that can always find its way into our home on trips 2 through 10.

It may not say fall on the calendar, but it's time. These orchards are either in Rockford or just a short drive away and offer all the things you want to see when heading to an apple orchard. Thank you to StatelineKids.com for reminding me of just how many orchards are right around us.

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