Does "Are you still watching ..." make you feel bad about binge-watching? There's a way to get rid of that message, and three other hacks you should know.

These hacks only work through Google Chrome and, if anything it might make you switch streaming devices.

The Annoying "Are you still watching..." Pop-up
Open Google Chrome and click the Apps button at the upper left side of your screen and search for "Never Ending Netflix." Add that extension and thank me later.

Edit Your Viewing History
You can get rid of that embarrassing listen of shows you've "accidentally" clicked on by going to your account settings, find "my profile" and click "viewing activity." It's simple and quick. And, no I've never done this.

Thrillist shared a list of more hacks you should know about, including the cure for "streamers neck." Yup, apparently that's a real thing.

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