When warm temperatures follow a week of major snowfall we get all giddy with excitement, but then our brain clicks and we realize that rapidly melting large amounts of snow usually leads to flooding, and that just SUCKS.

With heavy rainfall in the forecast for the Rockford area the next few days, many residents are starting to panic, including myself. A few years ago our basement flooded from a snow melt/rain situation just like this and it is something we don't want to deal with again.

Mother Nature may have her own plans, but there are a few things we can do NOW to combat the problems ahead according to Service Master.

  1. Protect the Foundation - Get your shovel and move the major snow piles away from the foundation of your home. Putting distance between the water runoff from melting snow and the tiny cracks in your foundation could do wonders.
  2. Clear the Roof and Maintain the Gutters - Removing excess snow from your roof can help eliminate flooding and extra pressure on your gutters. Also make sure your gutters are clear of debris and ice chunks so water may flow freely. Just use extra caution when on top of your roof so you don't slip on hidden ice patches!
  3. Check the Sump Pump and Tend to Small Leaks - A working sump pump is vital for clearing water out of your home, so give it a check to make sure all parts of it are in working order. Look for signs of water damage around your home and tend to the small leaks before you have a major problem on your hands.

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