Fridays are a popular night for dining out. If it's 'no meat Fridays' for you, these are the places that may tempt you the most, with their meaty ways.

I'm not telling you to NOT go to these fine restaurants, I'm just saying that you don't need to make the sacrifice any tougher than it already is for you and your carnivorous ways.

Lent begins March 2nd and ends April 14th, 2022

Any sacrifice you make for your faith or to better yourself I applaud, but maybe these places are too 'borderline sinful with their meaty ways.

We're human and we often like the paths of least resistance, so my thinking is to keep that tempting meat completely out of your path on Friday night.

I'm all about catching a Friday Fish Fry

But these places just do beef, pork and chicken too well to not want to get some on my plate.

Add these restaurants to your Saturday through Thursday 'playlist

Double trouble from Baker Street Burgers at 1603 N. Alpine Road in Rockford

Look at this burger topped with chorizo.... See you on Saturday you little lovely!

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The Biscuit and Gravy Burger at Baker Street came to play on your 'meatless Friday' emotions. If you need this during Lent's 46 days, better hit 'em up Thursday night.

The Cuban Burger is just the kind of trouble you don't want to get into... it's deliciously filled with two more meats you can't have on Fridays during Lent — Pulled pork and
smoked ham.

Another place to visit when you can green-light all the meats is Little Nick's BBQ at 3118 Auburn Street in Rockford.

Look at all this SMOKEY GOODNESS waiting to give you the meat sweats on a Saturday night.

This little BBQ temptress is all about making you happy. Let her do just that on a Wednesday during Lent.

If you've never had smoked turkey, you are missing out.

Did you give up booty for Lent? You don't have to give up this butt, but it ain't for your Friday.

Let's go head and address the 'elephant' in the room. In this case it's a cow. When searching for the 'biggest' steak served in Illinois, I was led to Chicago Cut Steakhouse at 300 N. Lasalle in Chicago. Clear your schedule for day you can devour all 64 ounces.

Just how much does this slice of prime rib weigh? Look at how happy this guy is to be eating all that meat!

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