Illinois has one of the highest percentage of vanity plates in the country with about 13% of us deciding to personalize what it says on the back of our car.

A lot of these are family initials, or advertise a business connected to the vehicle. Others are trying to be funny, sometimes they succeed. And then sometimes people are trying to get away with putting something a little off color back there.

I just found out that every year, Illinois releases a list of rejected vanity plate applications. 

The following is an A-Z alphabetical list of 26 rejected plates. I'm keeping this list at a hard PG-13 rating. If you take a look at that list, you'll see that I could easily create an R-rated list or worse.

Do you have a vanity plate? Would you want one of these to adorn the back of your vehicle?

An A-Z List Of Reject Illinois License Plates

Thousands of vanity plate applications in Illinois are rejected every year. Here are 26 requests from 2022 that the state of Illinois deemed in appropriate to put on your car.

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