This list is pretty incredible, and true. Let's take a look at things you did for the last time without even knowing it.

Buzzfeed has provided us with 19 things that will make you laugh, cry, and totally agree with. You don't "plan" on doing these things one last time, but that's how the cookie crumbles...or how the Blockbuster video rewinds.

I agreed with the most of these for sure. This an amazing trip down memory lane, that will have you thinking back to what was on your favorite cassette mix tape.

Here are a few of the 19 Very Specific Things You Did One Last Time, and Didn't Know it...Click for all 19 HERE.


  • Rewind a Cassette With a Pencil
  • Printing Out Directions (Instead of Mapping on your Phone)
  • Browsed The Selection at Blockbuster Video
  • Looked up Movie Times in The Newspaper





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