The era of drive-in diners and movies is back.

Going to a drive-in movie is fun. My friends and I used to go check them out all the time. Unfortunately, many of them shut down. We are lucky in Rockford because there are a couple not too far away.

All of a sudden, drive-ins have become very popular again. With "social distancing," it's an easier way to enjoy a movie. Everyone stays in their car and it's all good.

The one in McHenry opened a couple of weeks ago. It's sold out every time. I've actually seen stories about old locations starting up again. I think that would be great.

Another old idea is making a come back too. That's the drive-in diner. When I was a kid, I thought they were the best. That tray you put in the window to hold the food. Plus, eating in the car. I just enjoyed it.

They just weren't the thing to do anymore. Many shut down.

Now like the movies, people are checking them out again. It keeps the customers separated. Plus, you get to eat your food hot and fresh. That's another type of business I'll support.

Make plans to hit both of them this summer.

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