I made 2 Mom discoveries yesterday that will now change the way I shop, and the way I spend my summer days.

First off, I discovered that Ella thinks sitting in the seat of the grocery cart is the best thing since discovering her toes. YAY! This means I will get a lot more shopping done without her baby seat taking up most of the precious cart space. I also need to apologize to the employees and customers of the Cherry Valley Schnucks for the squealing baby in your store yesterday. She was having a great time, and thinks your store is THE place to party apparently.

Secondly, Ella is a "water baby," just like her Mama. We bought her a baby pool yesterday, and she LOVED IT! This child who still doesn't like to lay on her tummy on dry land, wanted nothing more than to lay on her tummy and immerse her entire body in the water. (Of course, Mom and Dad couldn't quite let that happen.) It's obvious that we will spending a lot of our time this summer around water, (Yay! I'll be tan) so these tips are especially amazing to me. Check them out...

I'm off now to buy sunscreen in bulk for this pale, redheaded sweetheart. Have a fantastic day!