As reported in September of 2020, Illinois lawmakers are considering permanently closing two nuclear energy facilities in the state, one of which is a short drive from Rockford.

Unless our state officials realize the importance of these two facilities, more than 700 jobs in Byron (specifically) would be eliminated. Not to mention the financial devastation that would directly affect area fire and police departments, schools, and other services. Factoring in the Dresden plant, 3,500 jobs would be cut and the state itself would miss out on upwards of $75 million in taxes, according to

Community leaders Ogle and Winnebago County have been collaborating around the clock to make sure residents' concerns are presented to government officials including Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker. And, as time runs out before a final decision by our elected officials, they need your help. Even if you believe this does not directly affect your household, think of your Illinois neighbors who will be directly affected.

How You Can Help

At this point, you can still fill out a petition to save the nuclear energy industry in Illinois but there are two more options, both requiring only less than five minutes of your time. How? By inundating email inboxes, including Pritzker's.

You can send a well-crafted email to the governor, which only requires your first and last name, home address, and email address. It took me less than 30 seconds to do this. Do it here.

Want to call him? Dial 217-782-6830 or 217-782-6831 and let his office know the importance of keeping these plants open.

The other option is to light up Illinois officials' emails and phones. You can find Illinois senators' info here and state reps' info here.

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