2016 is turning out to be a golden year. Take a look at what's turning 50 years old this year. Some you maybe surprised are that old.

It's almost hard to believe that these things have been around for a half a century.

Here are 10 things that MeTV uncovered that are turning 50 years old this year:

1. Astro turf. This nifty stadium ground cover was introduced in 1966 in the Houston Astrodome and from there became a big hit with football, baseball and soccer fields across the country.

2. Best Buy. Wow! Really? I didn't know America's largest electronics box store was that old.

3. Doritos. I had no idea Mark Charvat's favorite snack food was as old as he was. That explains his obsession with this nacho cheese covered snack. HaHa!

4. Fresca. OK, here's another I hadn't realized has been around that long. Originally marketed as the Alternative "adult" beverage to sugary soft drinks.

5. Quaker Instant Oatmeal. Really this is 50 years old? I thought the instant oatmeal came around in the 80's.

6. Toyota Corolla. Haha! This looks like a pacer. Toyota's cerntaily have come a long way for the 60's.

7.Twister. OK I thought this game came out in the 70's. Wrong again.

8. Vans. Skateboard shoes that are still popular today, just ask my soon to be 16 year old nephews.

9. White-Out. Makes sense seeing we didn't have personal computers and before that correcting typewriters weren't around. I haven't used white-out since probably eight grade writing papers. Do people still use it or is it just for sniffing. Ha! kidding!

AND last but not least.....

10. The CMA's are turning 50 years old on November 2nd.

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