It's a fact that pop culture and celebrity scandals are the things Halloween costumes are made of, but some certain subjects should be avoided because they are just not funny. That is, unless you have "those" kinds of friends.

I have been guilty of wearing a distasteful Halloween costume or two in my past, (it's usually my husband's fault and idea) but even we won't go this far. After considering this year's top headlines, and some discussion with friends, here are a few Halloween costumes that are best to be avoided at your party this year:

  • Bill Cosby complete with sleeping pills
  • Lamar Odum in a brothel
  • Jared Fogle with pictures of kids
  • A black faced Rachel Dolezal
  • An cheater
  • Cecil the Lion or a killer dentist
  • Josh Duggar
  • Syrian refugees
  • A school shooting victim
  • And please, oh please do NOT wear the Sexy Donald Trump costume - There is seriously nothing sexy about that.

I feel naughty even coming up with those ideas, because I feel like I am just fueling the Halloween idea fire. Let's all be nice and just dress up like kittens or football players instead, alright?

Is there any no-no costumes you would add to the list?