Yes, you might be breaking the law and not be aware of it.

Years and years ago, most of these laws were passed. Some were passed simply to generate revenue, others for 'safety' reasons. Times have changed, but lawmakers haven't gotten around to taking these laws off the books, which means you could get in trouble if you violate these laws in Illinois.

Here are some of the stranger laws still on the books in Illinois


Crystal Lake: If one wishes to plant new sod in his or her yard in the summer months, that person may not use the city’s water to water it.

Freeport: It is illegal to expectorate from any second-story window. To Expectorate is to "cough or spit out phlegm from the throat or lungs"

Freeport: You must move your car back and forth everyday for 4 months out of the year regardless of weather conditions. (This law was designed to be A revenue maker for the city)

Joliet:- Town fathers, reflecting the pet peeve of hearing their town’s name mispronounced ‘Jolly-ETTE’ when all local folk know it’s pronounced ‘Joe-lee-ETTE’, made pronouncing it Jolly-ette a misdemeanor, punishable by a $5 fine.

Kirkland: Bees are not allowed to fly over the village or through any of Kirkland’s streets.

Moline: Ice skating at the Riverside pond during the months of June and August is prohibited. (hmmmm.....what's wrong with this law?)

State of Illinois Laws Still on the Books:

A state law mandates that all bachelors should be called 'master', not mister, when addressed by their female counterparts.

It is illegal for barbers to use their fingers to apply shaving cream to a customer’s face.

Animals can be sent to jail.  Yes, a monkey once spent five days in jail for shoplifting.

It is illegal to make faces at dogs.

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