Finally, a sense of police presence at Rockford Housing Authority homes has begun. Why so late, how big will their presence be, and when will it be 100%?

It's been eight years since Rockford Police have patrolled RHA properties, according to WIFR. Rockford Police and RHA now have a contract in place to patrol crime-ridden areas. But is it too late?

Officers have been talking to residents, getting familiar with the area, and building a rapport with the community.

The end goal, aside from lower crime, is for officers and residents to build a relationship of trust and be able to share crime problems and tips.

"They have the same officer, the same group of officers they can trust them, they can relate to them and they’re going to call us and provide us information on whatever it may be and talk to us," Sgt. Sander said.

Although there are only two officers on patrol right now, Rockford Police plan to have 7 officers in place by March. The question is, will this reduce crime in the forest city?