Don't we love a good dessert? I know I do.  It's always a great day when you hear a bakery is opening close to home!

I was looking at scrumptious desserts on Instagram (like I always do for 3 hours straight) and ran into Levain Bakery's page.  Their baked goods looked sooo good that I wanted to know if they had a location in Illinois.  Sure enough, there's one opening THIS SUMMER! Woo hoo!


It all began with two great friends and a simple mission: create the world’s best chocolate chip cookie.  25 years later, the rest is history, baked fresh daily.

They're not wrong when they say baked fresh daily.  I was scrolling down their feed and LITERALLY drooled looking at these cookies.  Let me give you a taste of what I saw.

I hate this word, but don't these cookies look incredibly moist? I'll take a dozen, please!

Levain Bakery announced they'll be opening this Summer 2022 in Chicago. I know myself, and all my friends, and I guarantee we'll be making a trip to Chicago just to get our hands on their cookies.  And maybe some photo ops, too!

They've been open since 1995 baking BIG cookies you just can't resist.  Seriously, look at this thing.  I had no idea what it was and I still wanted to eat it.  I found out it's a brioche bun with chocolate chips for anybody who didn't want a standard cookie.

Don't even get me started on banana bread with chocolate chips in it.  My mom always makes homemade ones and they're delicious...  I can't even imagine what this one tastes like from Levain Bakery!

Which cookies should you expect when they open in Chicago? Chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chip, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip of course!

Hopefully they bake up some chocolate chip banana bread, too.

Levain's will be located in the West Loop at 840 W. Randolph St.  There's no talk of an opening day YET, but it should be near the end of Summer! Keep a look out on their Instagram and Facebook!

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