Anything with a name has a story about where it came from.

My question is, how did the city of Beloit get its name?

I'm sure it's there's a good reason.

After doing a little bit of research, this is what I found out.

According to,

"The name, Beloit, originated with a committee of citizens who were not satisfied with the town's original name, New Albany. One of the members was having trouble converting a French word into English when another member caught by ear the word Beloit, which was liked by the group."

Another addition to the story from,

"The spelling was fashioned after Detroit, a city the settlers saw as a symbol of trade and growth."

So basically, Beloit was named after a made-up English/French word combination that sounded like Detroit.

Well, if that's not interesting, it's at least humorous.

Just think about South Beloit then.

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