I read an interesting article about how our personality traits can effect our health.

According to this study published in Social Psychological & Personality Science Journal,researchers found if a person is organized, conscientious, extroverted and easygoing they tend to be healthier than those who are not.

Judging by the finding, I tend to fall into the categories of conscientious, easy going and somewhat extroverted. I am organized but tend to have messy tendencies, like piling up paperwork. Ugh. I hate paperwork.

The study also pointed out that it's possible to change personality traits over time and that these traits or lack there of were only connected with illnesses not the over cause of them.

If we live happier and learn to let go of things and relax we will be healthier people in the long run.

Need a little help in being happier? Here are 10 simple tips to live happy.


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