Since I was a child, I have loved all things Disney. In fact, I am so sentimental, I kept all of my old Disney VHS tapes, which could pay off big time!

Making the decision many years ago to hold onto these old VHS tapes was not based on a grand money making scheme, or the hope that I would have a daughter who would cherish them down the road. I kept them simply because they provided me with so many hours of entertainment as a kid, and I just couldn't bare to let them go.

On a whim, I dug them out a couple months ago to see if my daughter would enjoy them as much as I did, and she does! I think we watched The Lion King 5 times last week, and mommy loved every minute of it. Now, the problem is keeping her from watching them all day long.

Imagine my surprise to find out that many of these old Disney treasures are worth some major moola!

I recently came across an awesome article on Buzzfeed that totally made my day: 26 of Your Childhood Disney Products That Are Now Worth Bank.

I think I only still have one of the products listed, the original Beauty and the Beast VHS, but that's good enough since it's worth $500! Seeing that got me thinking; how much money do I potentially have holed up in that old plastic tote in the closet? I did some research on Ebay, and here is what I found for a few of the titles I own: (All prices are for the movie's original VHS release packaging)

So...after adding that list up, plus the $500 for Beauty and the Beast,  I potentially have $887.88 sitting in my daughter's closet. That's not even counting the tapes I didn't include in that list.

If I'm not here next week, it's because I retired off the money made from selling all these VHS tapes. OK, just kidding. My daughter would probably kill me if I sold them.