If you're still flying high about the awesome Black Friday deal you scored on that new, top-of-the-line Smart TV with a camera and microphone, I hate to ruin your day but....cyber criminals could be spying on you right now.

Mystateline.com recently shared a CNN story about the security dangers that come with these new Smart TV's, and the precautions owners should be taking immediately.

The FBI is warning consumers that screens with advanced tech such as cameras and microphones could be hacked by cyber criminals who could potentially snoop or stalk you.

To protect yourself, the FBI recommends changing the default password and keeping up with software updates. Also, consider putting black tape over the camera or disabling the microphone.

So, my question now is, if authorities are telling you to disable the microphone and put tape over the camera, why spend the extra money on these new features? Great deal or not, I'd be taking back to the store. How's about you?

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