Remember last summer when vacation travel was frowned upon and we spent most of our time trying to find a pool for our backyards that we could keep cool in? We spent enough time on Zoom and inside the 4 walls of our home to last a lifetime, and making deep fried Oreos at home is no where close to the real thing.

The way I see it, we have A LOT of fun to make up for this summer. Last summer was a bust with no fairs and festivals happening, but thankfully the party is just getting started for the summer of 2021.

If your family is craving some traditional fair food, rides, games and LIVE music, feast your eyes on all these fairs and festivals that are actually happening this summer in the Stateline area.

2021 Fairs and Festivals Happening in the Rockford Area

Obviously, that list is just covering summer fun, and a whole lot more of it is coming this Fall in the Stateline area! If we've missed a fair or festival happening this summer in the 815, please send us the info, we'd love to add it to the list!


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