Here's something fun and interesting.

Did you know that your finger lengths can tell a lot about your personality?

It's true. Or at least,  according to this article in Trending Stylist, it's true.

Hold your left hand out in front of your right now.

Click here to see which image your hand and fingers closely resemble.

Is it image A, B or C?

Mine match A. According to this it means I'm charming and pragmatic.

"People who have a ring finger longer than the index finger tend to be charming and irresistible to some at least. A’s are the ones who can talk themselves out of just about any situation. Additionally, they’re aggressive and excellent problem solvers. They tend to be incredibly compassionate and are often scientists, engineers, soldiers, and crossword puzzle masters."

Well I guess it's mostly true. I am very compassionate and caring, I do love word search puzzle. I remember doing a race with a friend to see who finish the word search puzzle first.

As for being an engineer or soldier not so much. Hmmm. Does it count that I came close to signing on to join the Army? I really did. I talked to the recruiter had all the information then I backed out. So now, it looks like I would have made a great soldier. Wow! Kind of neat to think about.



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