Keep this in mind when getting around town on Friday. 

This will be an area altogether to avoid if you can on Friday afternoon. The city says that it will be done by 3:30, but you know, sometimes things come up.

It might not be too big of a problem if they aren't shutting down lanes but considering it's for signal maintenance, it probably will. This stretch can get insanely congested with just a few disruptions.

They were doing construction in front of Lutheran a few weeks ago and traffic was backed up all the way to Riverside.

What I'm saying is to avoid this area.

How? That's up to you. Mulford. Forest Hills. North Second. All in play. World's your oyster.

Still won't be as bad as my least favorite intersection in Rockford.

Alpine and State.

That intersection stinks from every direction. North/South has horrible visibility over the crest and you regularly have to wait through 2 green arrows because the crest doesn't allow a yielding left turn on green because it's too dangerous. This in turn leads to longer times in total for the North/South flow of traffic, which means the East/West traffic actually has to wait longer.

Which actually reminds me of what actually is my least favorite intersection in Rockford, that I just remembered I already wrote about two years ago. 

Mulford and Riverside. From the article:

When they extended Mulford and traffic was flowing north AND south through the intersection they kept the double turn lane and put another one in for those turning east while headed south. This makes NO sense and requires a whole extra light cycle to get everyone through. Once the Riverside traffic stops, the southbound Mulford traffic gets a green light THEN the northbound traffic gets a cycle for itself. By my math that makes the entire cycle of lights 50% longer than it needs to be. Did the civil engineers think we were so stupid we couldn't adapt to a single turn lane after decades of a double? They must have because that's the only explanation there is.

I might get too passionate about intersections once in awhile. We're working on it.

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