Some foods aren't for everyone, but what if more people tried things they've never had? That's how I got hooked on fish and other cooked seafood. Here's the problem, like many people I'm a "texture" guy. That texture issue is the reason I struggle with mushrooms, but I'm getting better. Saturday night I tried oysters and didn't die.

My wife loves oysters and asked if I'd get them a try. After hesitantly agreeing we went to GreenFire and ordered the shelled appetizers, west coast oysters. I knew what to expect before they were brought to our table but I really had to force myself to meet my end of the deal. After some encouragement from my wife and our waitress (Jamie), I did the fork thing, added some of the sauce, and slurped the thing down my gullet. It wasn't terrible but I didn't enjoy it enough to have more than two oysters.

This morning I learned I should have taken a bite or two, although I was advised to just swallow it since I was an oyster newbie. I read an article from Vanity Fair that compared the oyster taste to eating grapes.

Think of an oyster like a grape: if you don't chew the grape, you won't get the full flavor.

I did not taste the oysters beyond the sauce I slurped with them but I'll give it a shot next time. In fact, I'll give some other new foods a shot because you never know unless you try it. So, whether you've had or never tried oysters, click here to learn about oyster-eating etiquette and tips.

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