I have an affinity for cool cars and I've always thought it would be cool to own my very own Wienermobile.

I've never been able to drive one because Oscar Mayer only let's college interns drive them, and clearly I'm no spring chicken. But now that can all be solved by purchasing a Wienermobile I found on Craigslist.

Noah via Craigslist
Noah via Craigslist

The owner says it's a replica and he purchased it several years ago. He now uses it for a daily driver (how cool would that be) and it has 110,400 miles as of 12 days ago. Since he's driving it daily those miles are only going up.

He says it works and runs great, but the novelty of driving it to work wore off after about a week.

He wants $7,000 out of it, and is willing to deliver. So, there's a chance I could own this sa-weet ride soon.

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