When the winter Olympics rolls around every four years, the fascination with curling hits a fever pitch. If you ever wanted learn how to 'curl,' grab your granite stone and a broom,a and get ready to slide on the ice.Americans have always been fascinated by this unique winter sport, but most have never had the opportunity to see it action, let alone try it out. Well now you have an opportunity to give it a try.

The Park at Wrigley has announced "Learn to Curl" classes in February at the ice rink at Wrigley Field. Classes will last about an hour and will cost $50, but you will learn terminology like:

  • Besom
  • Bite stick
  • Hog line violation
  • Broomstacking
  • Gripper

The Rink at the Park (Wrigley) will host classes from 3 til 9 pm on:

  • Feb. 5, 6 ,7
  • Feb. 12,13,14

So how does curling work? It sure look easy...or does it?


Also, the Chicago Curling Club, Exmoor Curling Club, Second City Curling and Windy City Curling will be competing in nightly club vs. club games.

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