Vegans rejoice! McDonald's is bringing the McVegan to the table. Hopefully, It won't take long to come our way.

While this is exciting news for those who do not eat animal products, Evening Standard shared that you still need to jump on a plane to try one. The new McVegan is only being served up in Sweden and Finland.

I am not a Vegan, but I have heard some pretty good stuff for your health about making the dietary change. Also after binge-watching the show Rotten on Netflix, I slightly feel different about the meat I eat. If this came to Rockford, you would see me first in line to see if it is worth the hype. According to those tweeting in Finland about the McVegan, it totally is.

McDonald's ran a trial of the McVegan back in October and it was highly successful. The sandwich is 100% vegetable-based hamburger with soy protein. According to McDonald's website, it tastes both vegan and confused.


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