Nope. This teacher is not smoking the ganja. She isn't making pot brownies or any type of edibles. Nah. She's going old school with clay pots. 261 of them to be exact.

That was the number of clay pots Jill Fortin created within an hour on Sunday, scorching the previous record, in the Guinness World Record book, which was set at 159. Now that the record is set, what will happen to all of those unused pots?

According to NBC 15, "Each pot will be donated to the Medford school district kindergarten classes so they can plant flowers and decorate them before summer break."

When asked, Fortin wouldn't take credit for the idea. "She says the idea came from her students who wanted to raise money for a local food pantry. Thanks to her students and the art club at Medford high, over $1,000 was raised", according to NBC 15.

Almost as soon as she set the record, she was asked whether she would attempt to break her new record in the future. The interest is there, but she will not attempt it if her students are not with her.

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