It happens to women at least once a week...

An invite pops up in your "events" page on Facebook and next thing you know, you've been added to some group selling leggings, scented candles, wraps and painted pallets.

Just last week I was added to three groups- a Norwex party, a painting class and Monat.

What was Monat? I seriously had no idea, so I clicked on the invite and learned that it was a line of hair care products.

After doing a quick Google search, I was shocked at what I found. Not to rain on any independent marketers parade, but the news wasn't good.

According to WGN, the product has been a total nightmare.

This is horrible. Hair is essentially a woman's crown and to have this happen is absolutely devastating. A few months ago I had the worst cut and color job and didn't even want to leave the house; I'm scared to even go to another stylist to try and get it fixed.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be buying this product from my friend who might not even know about this yet.

Do you know anyone who's selling Monat?

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