What would you do if you woke up to find a strange animal curled up beside you in your bed? Would you freak out?

I know I would and in fact that's what happened to this woman when she woke up to find a furry but strange critter sleeping on her chest.


When 99-year-old woman screamed in panic, the animal scurried away into her attic.

Posted by WGN TV on Thursday, January 28, 2016

WGN reports that a 99 year old Florida woman woke up to find a kinkajou sleeping on her chest. She screamed and the animal fled into her attic

"Cathy Moghari, a family friend, helped rescue the animal. She recognized the creature as "a kinkajou because of her experience with exotic animals."

She then "googled kinkajou sounds and found a video and played kinkajous sounds with the speaker held up to the ceiling, until the animal came out, then she lured it into a cage with cherries."

Apparently, the kinkajou was a family pet, named Banana, that had escaped from a temporary cage while the owners were having work done in their house. It wasn't until the story of the kinkajou wound up on the news that the owner, Ray Fernandez, was able to contact the veterinary's office and be reunited with his beloved pet.

He said that "Banana had been on the lam for about a week after she escaped from a temporary cage" and that he "had left food out and a trap but I never found her. … She was pretty far from where she escaped.”

Well I'm glad the story has a happy ending and that the animal was friendly, but man oh man would that have made me pee my pants to wake up to find that sleeping on me.

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