We all have weird friends. Maybe you're thinking, "No, I really don't." If that is you, you're the weird friend of your group. (Don't worry, it's a fun title.)


A Woman for North Dakota was visiting friends in Minnesota when some weirdness erupted. Whatever happened was enough for the 36-year-old woman to hop in her car and burn rubber. That's when she caught the attention of police in Wisconsin.

A police report says she was caught on radar going 119 miles per hour, the post speed limit on I-90 was 70 mph. The woman had safety in mind to some degree, you'll read about that in a moment.

So this young woman is hauling @55 on I-90 somewhere in La Crosse County when she was blipped on the radar. The officer tried to pull her over but she really put the pedal to the floor and eventually reached 137 miles per hour. There's no word on what she was driving but records show the car didn't have plates.


So the woman is driving like she has the stomach bubbles, gets close to 140 mph, and then things come to a halt. The cop had initially lost her when he noticed blinking hazards ahead. The woman RAN OUT OF GAS!

The cop pulls up, approaches her vehicle, and the woman is sobbing. Like, snot running from the nose kind of crying. She was able to explain to the officer that she was visiting some friends and left when they started to get weird. When she left she took a wrong turn... into the wrong state.


Nope, but what we do know is she was busted for attempting to elude an officer, misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to La Crosse Tribune.

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