Another week, another series of mountain lion/cougar sightings has some Wisconsin residents just a bit uneasy.

The "wandering cougar" as the big cat (or cats) have come to be known, was spotted again, this time in Menomonee Falls.

Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources confirms that the animal is indeed a cougar, but contend that it's the same cougar that's been spotted elsewhere.

From UPI:

Officials said the mountain lion is likely the same animal seen in security camera footage looking in through the window of a Brookfield home earlier this month.

"I am a little bit surprised. I was really expecting this animal to move on," DNR wildlife biologist Dianne Robinson told WITI-TV.

Cougar sightings were previously reported in Washington and Fond du Lac counties.

Robinson said it would be "extremely unlikely" for the sightings to stem from multiple cougars.


Whether it's one, or several cougars wandering around in Wisconsin, one thing is fairly certain--it makes some people nervous:

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