Kind of a 'well, duh' headline there, #amirite? This falls in line with my go-to joke whenever someone tells me they're from Wisconsin. I ask which city they're from followed by, "you know what's great about ______?" "Nothing!?" (Completely a joke, by the way. I actually like Wisconsin.)

Business Insider pretty much made that joke about Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in their Best Cities In America story. They came up with this "fact" based on the number of different types of businesses like breweries, art dealers, and museums. And after some research, it's easy to see there isn't much going there. Basically, there are three things that stand out in Fond du Lac.

According to Wikipedia, things to do include:

  1. Walleye Weekend (in June).
  2. A children's museum.
  3. Fondue Fest (in September).
  4. A wooden bat baseball team, the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders. (I think they play the Rockford Rivets?)

One thing is for sure if someone says they're from Fond du Lac and you use the "you know what's great about Fond du Lac joke, it's perfectly acceptable.

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