Update: Sources close to Rockford Fourth of July committee responded with this comment.

As of right now, the 4th committee has no plans of moving it to the airport. The city, nor the city council, doesn't have much say in where we do our fireworks. We are a volunteer committee that has put on the fireworks display for the people of this city, paid for by donations of the people of this city for over 50 years.

I can tell you, based on the conversation, this is highly unlikely unless the city of Rockford was to attempt to put on their own fireworks show.


A Rockford neighborhood Facebook page has sparked a conversation about the possibility of Rockford's Fourth of July spectacular leaving the downtown area. The original post claims the fireworks' launching site could be moved to Chicago Rockford International Airport. The reason for the move? Parking problems in downtown Rockford. Is there validity in the actual thought of moving an event that has been happening in the same area for half a century?

The claim comes from group member Chad Larson and, when questioned about his sources, he said it was brought up in a Rockford city council meeting.

It came up as one of the recomendation's for cutting the budget at the Rockford CIty Council meeting.

Many points challenging the move make enough reasons to never move Rockford's Fourth of July celebration from downtown Rockford. The top being necessary resources from the City of Rockford. How would it make any difference financially by relocating? Again, at this point, the conversation is purely speculative.

As you can imagine people most people aren't in support of such a possibility. Fireworks leaving downtown Rockford would be like Festival of Lights leaving Sinnissippi Park or Cheap Trick claiming Loves Park as their hometown. It doesn't make sense, but crazier things have happened. Unless there is an official announcement, plan on the fireworks staying downtown.

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