Always wanted to become a Badger at the University of Wisconsin Madison? Your chances of being accepted may have just gotten better.


The University of Wisconsin Madison Board of Regents' Education Committee is scheduled to vote on a request to open the doors to all.

Mike McGinnis, Getty Images

According to WISC TV, "The system currently caps the number of out-of-state undergraduate students at 27.5 percent of the undergraduate population at each campus. UW-Madison officials want to eliminate their cap for four years beginning in fall 2016."

Obviously, since I was one attending the U.W.W system, Out of State Students pay about $20,000 more each year than a Wisconsin resident. The opportunity would give many more students, other than Wisconsin residence, admission to the University. Also, by doing so, would generate additional revenue for the University in a big way.

Mike McGinnis, Getty Images

By the end of this week, there should be additional news on the final vote and acceptance of the idea.

Parents all over the Stateline who have Seniors in High School are cheering on the vote this week.