News about scammers calling people claiming to be IRS agents who will be issuing arrest warrants unless a said amount of money is paid has gone viral across the country, and now so has the video of a Wisconsin police officer putting one of these scammers in his place.

The Eau Claire Police Department shared this video on Tuesday after one of their officers received an "urgent message from the IRS" earlier that day. The department wants to stress that the wisest thing to do if you receive a phone call like this is hang up. Do not engage them, unless you are a professional trained in busting people.

Atta boy, Officer Roder. I can see why this video has been viewed over a million times in just a few days. Again, do not try this at home, unless you have a badge to back it up. The Eau Claire Police Department only posted this video for education purposes, and not to serve as a how-to video.



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