Belvidere police are warning iPhone users not to fall for a prank that could land police officers in front of you house and you in jail.

A viral prank is making the rounds on social media that could cause someone serious harm. It's referred to as the "Hey Siri, 108" prank.

For any iPhone user, you know you can utter the phrase "Hey Siri" into your phone and instruct it to do something. This phase is particularly dangerous, and police departments across the United States are warning citizens to NOT do it.

If you say "108" into your iPhone, it will instruct your phone to call 911.So what does 108 have to do with 911?

According to to WGN-TV

The number 108 is India's equivalent of 911 in the United States, but Siri will contact the local emergency dispatch based on the iPhone's location.

The Belvidere Police say "Contacting 911 for non emergencies is a crime" Plus, it could potentially cause someone to lose a life because emergency services are tied up in a place where a real emergency is not occurring, and cause delay to someone whose life may really be in danger.



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