What kind of gun was used in this crime? A hand gun. Sure, but what kind of hand gun? No literally, it was the guy's HAND pointed like a gun. This stupid criminal story comes with a wagging finger. SG

Word went out to police that there was an attempted robbery in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the Sniteman Pharmacy. The "attempted" robber was identified by the pharmacist at Joel Peterson.

Joel left the pharmacy after the attempted robbery with a female driving. They caught up to him arrested him etc etc...Here's where the story gets great.

Officers returned to the pharmacy to question employee's. There was a disguise found, glassed a jacket etc...The pharmacist said that Mr Peterson entered the store wearing a ski mask, jacket and gloves. The pharmacist looked down and there was no weapon. No knife, to gun, well...sorta a gun.

Mr Joel Peterson, had his hand out in the "shape of a gun." You know, pointer finger out and thumb up? That was the "weapon" he was using to rob the store. Seriously.

The pharmacist in the police report, said he wasn't sure if this was some sort of a joke or if it was real. It was real. The "hand gun" robber was attempting to rob the store.

There was pushing and shoving...a scuffle if you will. With a dude holding a "hand gun." In the scuffle, in the small town pharmacy, the ski mask popped off Mr Peterson and he was instantly recognized. Now put down your weapon...or wait.

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