It's that time to get your German on again for Oktoberfest! According to this new list, Wisconsin is the place to be.  Well of course it is!

In fact Wisconsin made the list not once but twice as having one, or make that two, of the best cities to celebrate beer, brats, music and all things German.

WalletHub "compared the 100 largest cities across 20 key metrics, ranging from “percentage of German population” to “number of beer gardens per capita” to “average price for Oktoberfest festivals and parties ticket.”

There list showed that Milwaukee and Madison are the places to be to enjoy the best Oktoberfest ever.

In fact here's a quick run down of the Top 20 Best Cities to Enjoy Oktoberfest.

1. Cincinnati, Ohio

2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

3. Portland, Oregon

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

5. Orlando, Florida

6. Denver, Colorado

7. Tampa, Florida

8. Miami, Florida

9. Madison, Wisconsin

10. Boise, Idaho

11. Scottsdale, Arizona

12. St. Louis, Missouri

13. Columbus, Ohio

14. St. Paul, Minnesota

15. Buffalo, New York

16. Colorado Springs, Colorado

17. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

18. Cleveland, Ohio

19. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

20. New Orleans, Louisiana

To see the complete list of all 100 cities, click here.

Actually, I'd like to tell Wallethub, "No duh!" Mid-western's, especially Wisconsin-ites, know this. "We don't need no 'stinkin' list." Am I right? However, it's awesome to be recognized.

The weirdest place on the list at number 20 is New Orleans. I guess I just see that being more French and German. BUT.. hey we know the Cajuns know how to do it up for Mardi Gras, so I'm betting Oktoberfest is just as great!


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