That's a DEEP blue color up there in Wisconsin. 

These maps are always great. I love that this data is from the University of Wisconsin too. They're the experts, they might as well do the study.

I do often question the validity of these maps. I'm sure the sampling is fine and this isn't me being suspicious of the researchers, this is me being suspicious of people being honest (to researchers and themselves) about how much they drink.

It's definitely more culturally acceptable here in the Midwest. I think that's because the stereotypical "Midwestern drunk" is a happy drunk.

And why wouldn't Wisconsin people be having a great time while they're drinking. Have you seen their local bars? They're some of my favorite places on earth. The old wooden bar with the thick rounded edges. Dirty floors. A 60-year-old woman named Barb tending bar that doesn't really like you. Slim Jims for sale. Peanuts for sale. A touch screen video game machine with Photo Hunt. A couple of ceiling fans. Dim lighting. Those kind of fluted 10 oz draft glasses. A random stuffed animal. Maybe a jar of pickled eggs. Bloody marys that come with a regular cheeseburger on top. STRONG mixed drinks. A gambling machine in the corner that's for "entertainment only." Two TVs. One newer flat screen and one tube tv from the late 90s.

You know heaven.

It's no wonder these people are perpetually drunk, there's a drinking utopia basically every 10 blocks.

Now I don't know what a Hawaiian bar is like, but I'm guessing there might be other reasons everyone is plastered all the time.

And Utah? Lighten up man, you're bumming everyone out.

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