A Wisconsin boy is lucky to be alive today as he could have drowned Tuesday night.

WREX shares that an 11 year old boy and his friends went to check out the water in the drainage ditch Tuesday night.

The 11 year decided to pop on a pair of goggles to look under the water when he was swept off his feet and in the storm drain.

"The friends called 911, and rescue crews scoured every location possible to find the missing 11 year old.

As the water started receding, rescue crews finally saw the boy's finger sticking out of a manhole cover, about 30 feet from the culvert where he was last seen."

He was pulled free then taken to the hospital where he was reported as smiling and being in good spirits.

Wow! That kid had a guardian angel watching over him.

He is really lucky he didn't drown.

I hope that this boy and his friends learned a lesson that storm drains and flood waters are not to be messed with. Too many bad things can happen in matter of mere seconds.





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