You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here! That's what one Wisconsin man was thinking when his one night stand was snoring like a freight train. SG

Benjamin Duddles of Waukesha, Wisconsin was cuddling with someone he didn't know...wait, Duddles and Cuddles...o.k anyway, Duddles was trying to sleep when the woman in his bed was snoring like a train and he wants her out. Duddles called 911 to have the woman removed from his bed.

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Benji Duddles told 911 he had no idea how she got in her apartment. Apparently she showed up, crawled in his bed and started sawing logs. On second thought, he told the cops that he did in fact let her into his happening Waukesha pad, but she fell right to sleep.

After officers arrived, he THEN told cops that they were drinking, he invited her up to do the "Waukesha Watusi." When completing the mission he went to the living room to drink a Spotted Cow, (editors guess) when returning to the bedroom the "guest" was snoring like a train and he couldn't wake her...So he did like any sane, educated man would do and called 911.

In the defense of the unnamed woman, she had sleep apnea. She was medically fine.

Mr. Duddles was advised that called 911 for a woman snoring in his place was not a good idea. He let her into HIS place.

Duddles got no more cuddles and retired to the couch.

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