Forget worrying about losing your COVID-19 vaccination card or getting it laminated, there's now a bracelet you can wear to prove your fully vaccinated.

One of the reasons I chose to get vaccinated against COVID-19, despite my initial reservations, is because I feel like it will make life easier in the long run. The shot helped ease my worries about spreading the virus to  at-risk family members. I also believe vaccination proof will be the norm soon when it comes to attending major events, concerts, etc., and attending those kinds of things are a major part of my job so...I got vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is a very personal decision, and so is the extent you are willing to go to prove you got the shots. My question now is this; will you be willing to wear a bracelet that serves as an easy link to your vaccinations record?

Say Hello to 'Immunaband'

Immunaband is a new bracelet that you can wear that features a scannable QR code which is a direct link to your vaccination record. After purchasing this bracelet for $20, you will then need to send a copy of your vaccination card to Immunaband that they will then upload to their website.

Now, when I first read about this I thought; "hold up, what if my bracelet is stolen or falls off somewhere...will the whole world now be able to access my medical records?!?"

The short answer is no. The creator of Immunaband, Dr. Toshof Bernton, recently told FOX 5 in San Diego;

“Lets say somebody stole it,” Dr. Bernton adds. “They can get to the website, but unless they know your pin, they can’t get to your card.

Does that make you feel safe enough to buy an Immunaband? I'm still not sold on it.


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