How many times have you seen someone wearing gloves, but using them like they would their hands, as though the gloves are somehow impossible to get the virus on them?

Microbiologist Kelly Reynolds says gloves do more harm than good, because gloves can act like hands. She broke it down in 3 easy points.

  1. Gloves still spread the virus, and may even be worse than your bare hands. When you touch a contaminated surface, and you touch something else, the virus spreads. It may be possibly it sticks to the gloves even better than your hands. A nurse explains:

2. Gloves provide a false sense of security. It's easy to let your guard down and not washing your hands when you use gloves.

3. Most of us don't take gloves off correctly. When you take them off wrong, you may as well not have worn them in the first place.

Proper Glove Removal

  1. Pinch one glove near the wrist and pull it over your hand, so it turns inside-out.
  2. Place glove in other gloved hand.
  3. Stick your finger in the wrist of other glove, pull until inside out and contains both gloves inside.
  4. Throw the gloves away.

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